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“You’re not a band until you tour.” This saying is very much true if you’re looking to take your music across the states and overseas. Can you name one major band or musician who has made global success by performing only in their hometown (besides The Doors)? Not many… This is why we continuously push talented musicians to take their music to the limits, because without touring it’s very hard for any major record labels to take you seriously. MMR Productions USA has guided many bands onto the touring path within and outside the USA well over the decade. We’ve put bands from Europe onto stages on Sunset Strip as well as unsigned local bands who are working hard to be the next big band out of Hollywood. When it came to booking 33 bands out of 100 onto the Queen Mary, we did it with ease. We’ve been a recognized and respected booking company among the major/minor record labels for quite some time. Let MMR Productions USA help you succeed by building your path to touring.



As many famous rock stars and metal musicians once said: “You’re not a band until you tour.”